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Services Provided

This is a great place to start if you are wondering what services I offer as part of my professional miniature painting service. In the various sections I have broken down what different options are available. I love working with most miniatures from board games, D&D and other rpg’s, warhammer and other collectible wargames to one off display figures and busts.


If you would like to see a few examples of the different things I have worked on in the past check out my portfolio. I am always looking for new and exciting minis and games to paint. The only miniatures I may turn away are pieces I find to be extremely derogatory in some way as this would go against my ethics.


Turning your ideas and visions into reality on the table is my main goal here and my aim on this page is to help you find the best ways to do this within a budget you may have in mind. I love working with customers who give me a specific brief and customers who give me total creative freedom and everything in between.


Sedition Minis is a 100% vegan company and all services offered as part of the professional miniature painting service do not use any products derived from animals, making it suitable for vegetarian and vegan gamers who would like to avoid the use of fur brushes and paints etc. which contain animal products.

I would love to hear from you once you have an idea of what work you may want to have carried out as part of this miniature painting service and we can work on an estimate for the job you have in mind. If you still have questions about the miniature painting service I provide get in touch and I will be happy to answer any questions.



Each different job within this commission miniature painting service is quoted individually with the price being determined by the time estimated to complete the job. As miniatures, busts and materials vary drastically in the time they each can take to work with there are no flat prices per miniature painted or base made to look up anywhere on this site. More info on quotes can be found here.

The hourly rate charged is £15. This covers labour, basic painting and basing materials. Shipping and any extra materials which I need to get in specifically for a job are added on.

There is a minimum fee of £20.

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Lovely things clients have said about my work

gloomhaven detail mushroom.jpg

Petter,  Gloomhaven
Custom Doorways

“The colour rendering is great, and the touches of nature and moss are so well done and distributed. 

The atmospheres are perfect with impressive details. The blood on the door, the arrows or the dragon's egg, and all so small and precise!

I'm looking forward to using them and will need a display case to show them off in the meantime :)”

sisters of silence, warhammer 40K, commission painting.jpg

Ryan, Adeptus Custodes
and Sisters of Silence

“I think they look so awesome in person! The details on gems and writing on parchment etc is all so so cool.  I think the colour matching you’ve done on shields etc are amazing.  I’m so happy with the models.  Thank you so much for everything! I’ll let you know when I next have a similar project.” 

jaws of the lion gloomhaven, sedition minis, commission painting service.jpg

Andre, Gloomhaven

Jaws of the Lion,

"They look ABSOLUTELY amazing! I couldn’t be happier. The rockets from the boots actually made me look away instinctively, they look legitimately bright (I really like the way you did the lighting with the base). Everything looks really good. There is so much detail on all the minis!"

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