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At the heart of Sedition Minis is the commission miniature painting service. Bringing your game table and display cabinet to life with colour and atmosphere is at the heart of this. Although I have broken the commission painting service I am offering down into three categories these can sometimes bleed into each other and the time taken within each category for different miniatures can vary depending on their details etc.

Have a read through the levels I can offer and have a think of what your you are interested in and I will be happy to draft up a free estimate.


Belligerent the most basic painting level I offer within my commission miniature painting service. This level covers your mini being primed, base coated and shaded to a simple standard with details picked out with particular attention to main focus points like face. True metallic metals are the default at this level with some shading. After all the painting is done the mini will be varnished normally with a satin varnish.

this war of mine board game, miniature painting service b.jpg
gloomhaven jaws of lion, commission miniature painting service.jpg


Mutinous is my next level up from belligerent within my commission miniature painting service. At this level you will get everything you did with belligerent just better with more time and attention given to each stage.  More care put into shading and details as well as more complicated techniques like non metallic metals and original source lighting being considered at this level.

I will normally always recommend and estimate this level for heroes or main characters, unless specifically requested to do otherwise.


Seditious is the highest painting level offered within my commission miniature painting service. This would be a display level or a truly custom level at which complicated free hands and everything else which was on offer at the other levels is offered at a higher standard. Within this level you will get the best of my abilities and a premium and bespoke miniature painting service in which I will put my heart into making your miniature artwork come to life. I put my heart into all my work and painting levels but at this level no compromises will be made.

female gladeator, roman historical miniature, miniature painting.jpg
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