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Custom within my commission miniature painting service stands for the most bespoke levels of work, personalized paint jobs, tailored bases and unique sculpts. I truly love making custom miniature art works so if you have an idea don't hesitate in contacting me and we can discuss ways to make it a reality.  Custom is all about making dreams and fantasies real.

If you would like an extremely personalized army or individual miniature this is the route to take.

Custom Painting

Coming up with a unique paint scheme to very specific requirements, or creating a beautifully personal or individual freehand within the commission miniature painting service. Custom painting is the most creative and free form approach to miniature work I offer.

If you would like your game or individual figure painted in the colour scheme of your favorite flag, bird or to reflect a night sky this is where we can explore these ideas.

nighthaunt games workshop commission miniature painting service.jpg
miniature re-sculpt rum and bones mazus dreadful curse female sculpt correction..jpg

Custom Sculpts

Predominantly here we are talking about re-sculpts or kit bashes, and unique modifications to existing models you would like done. This can be done as part of my commission miniature painting service or as a separate commission miniature sculpting service. This can be used to alter minis you may have an issue with in a game you love or to just tailor your game to your personal tastes.

Although I definitely still have a lot to learn in this area I am happy to consider taking on commission sculpts if I feel it is within my skill set to fulfill the brief adequately.

Custom Bases

Pretty much all bases over a certain level will be custom as they are made to work with the model being painted.

If you would like to find out more about basing levels please head over here both slingshot and molotov levels for the most part come under custom.

miniature basing commission miniature painting.jpg
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