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Bases can vary drastically depending on what you intend to use your miniature for and your budget. As part of my miniature painting commission service I offer a selection of different basing levels, which I have broken down here.

In all my basing I aim for coherence and uniformity across the project and for the creation of an atmosphere that works with the theme or setting your minis are in. Pricing on basing as with everything else in commission miniature painting will depend on exactly what you are looking for and on anything other than the more basic levels is estimated on a project by project basis.

If all you are interested is bases I am also happy to work on a miniature bases commission.

No Basing

Simple and cheap when someone says they do not want their miniature based this is what you will get. I will add a bit of texture and dry brushing but ultimately this level is included in all painting levels as free and will be minimal so you don’t just end up with a plain coloured base unless that is what you have requested.

gloomhaven no base commission miniature painting service.jpg
gloomhaven simple basing commission miniature painting.jpg


Rocks is a basic level appropriate to the theme of game with some dirt or tufts and texture is added with a bit more gusto. Moss dusting and pigments will come into play and some super simple water effects like puddles and snow.


Slingshot is a more unique and elaborate basing level with more time and the introduction of more complex details like unique sculpting of terrain or ruff features. Water effects and things that will take more time come under this level as it is bespoke and unique.

gloomhaven custom bases, commission miniature painting_edited.jpg
ghost stories commission miniature painting.jpg


In this level we can plan out unique sculpted bases for figures to make them stand out on tabletop and/or shine in your display cabinet.

From diorama bases to unique dual purpose bases (display and tabletop) this is my premium bespoke miniature basing service which would pair well with my higher painting levels.

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