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Prep and Build

All miniature commissions start with this step as it is essential to get good end results and a good finish/paint adhesion. Whether you are getting a simple miniature painting commission or going with a custom be spoke miniature painting commission service they all need to be prepared in some way or other.

As part of providing a professional painting service I believe this is equally important regardless of the painting or basing tear selected for the miniatures and endeavour to hunt out every mould line and fix any imperfection.


The time taken to do this can vary wildly from material to material sculpt to sculpt and size so it is estimated on a commission by commission basis.

I love prepping and building miniatures as this is where the groundwork is laid for an excellent paint job.

Prep and Cleaning

Within this part of the service mold lines and imperfections are cleaned, and miniatures are then washed to remove any chemicals left on the sculpt from the casting process. This is essential part of the miniature painting process to ensure a good adherence of the paint to the surface and a smooth finish.

resin bust prep.jpg
miniature building, commission miniature painting service.jpg

Build or Assembly

Some miniatures and models will require building or assembling after the initial prep faze. The time taken to do this can vary depending on the size or complexity of the model and generally there will be some filling of gaps in joins with epoxy putty.

If the structural integrity of the miniature will be considerably re-enforced by pinning of the minis (small metal wire drilled into the joins) this will also be recommended at this point.

Magnetization of weapons and limbs so these can be swapped out would also happen at this stage of the commission miniature painting service.

Custom Builds & Kitbashes

Customizing miniatures is an area of particular interest to me and in my personal projects one of my favorite things is to take a miniature and re-sculpt or kitbashing it so that I end up with a unique and personal miniature. I am happy to offer this as part of my commission miniature painting service giving you the option of having a truly unique figure or game character and army.

Re-sculting and kitbashing processes are very time consuming and will generally not be given an exact estimate but invoiced retrospectively.

space marine legs resculpt kitbash.jpg
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