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Sedition Minis Online Store

Here you will find a fluctuating selection on one off pieces I have painted and small batches of woodwork items that I make when commissions are low as a way to supplement my income.

If something is successful in the sedition minis online store in the woodworking area it will undoubtedly be made again. The painted pieces will normally always be one off pieces that I have painted, and sometimes sculpted, in my spare time.

The prices are worked out taking into account materials used and the time spent crafting and painting the individual items.

Every purchase big or small is valued and if there is anything I can help you with, like custom plinths, just get in touch here.

Thank you for supporting me as a self employed  artist.

Astronaut Series Unique Original Artworks

In stock
Product Details
Brand: Sedition Minis

These series of astronauts where created last year for a Massive Voodoo challenge. I had loads of fun sculpting the unique pieces form epoxy putties and crafting their box "picture frames" from a recycled boat plank.

These are all one off pieces and I have worked out their prices taking into account the time I took to create each one and the materials used.

They each have a unique feel of an astronaut exploring a universe they are unfamiliar with and experiencing different adventures.

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