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female gladeator, roman historical miniature, miniature painting.jpg

Sedition Minis

Commission Miniature Painting Service
and Arts by Z. Birrell

Welcome to Sedition Minis, a premium commission miniature painting service based in the United Kingdom.


Sedition Minis is a personalised and professional miniature painting service. I provide bespoke painting, basing and customization services for your miniatures. Lighting up your game table with beautifully painted miniatures, from unique a character for your D&D campaign to a personalised copy of your favourite game or enabling your armies to strut their stuff strikingly across the battlefield. Whether you would like to incite fear or dazzle on the game table I have got you covered. Bring your games to life by getting them painted.

This is also a space to share my love and passion of all things related to miniature art through personal projects.


As part of my uk miniature painting service Sedition Miniature Arts also provides unique one off pieces that are perfect as gifts or custom miniature artworks to commemorate or celebrate and event or moment in your life. Some of these can be found for sale in my store.

Sedition Minis is a proudly 100% vegan miniature painting service and I strive to be as ethical as possible in all aspects of running my business.

I’m delighted you have found my website whether you are just toying with the idea of getting some miniatures painted, window shopping or another painter who is curious about my work I’m happy you stopped by. I hope you enjoy exploring this site and really appreciate you taking an interest in my work.


If you are considering a commission a good place to start is here where you can find out more about the different services I offer. Examples of my work in the portfolio section which can be accessed by scrolling down or through the menu.If you are curious about what is current for me and what I am thinking about my blog is a good place to start.

If you have any questions that you can't find answers to through my menu or either of these links please don't hesitate in getting in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Although Sedition Minis is a UK based miniature painting service I am happy to work with international clients. I love working with people in other countries as you often have a different approach perspective and taste.

You can also explore the portfolio of my miniature painting work through the following images.

female gladiator 28mm miniature commission miniature painting
Internal Discord, Sedition Miniature Arts.jpg
miniature bust re-scultp green stuff epoxy puty
miniature and bust display pliths for sale oak
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